Notes for the images

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Notes for the images

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-based on what Dr. Renc said in our last lesson. good luck!

which imaging type

1.compression of ID, spondilysis, osteochondrosis

100. native ct, calcification, cystic portion of pelvis, ovarian tumor

101. urethral cystografia, dilatation of right pelvis, grade 2,

102. angiography, aortic arc, 4 arteries rise from AA , arteria lusoria,

103. CT, native, contrast, hemangioma, hyper in US, contrast media goes to center

104. angiography, lateral projection, carotid artery, arteriovenous malformation, abnormal filling of venous(sinus), dilated filling arteries, mid cerebral arteries

105. ct, pulmonary angiography, embolism, left pulmonary artery, pleural infusion,

106. double contrast, small, large bowel, enterocolysis, catheter behind jejunoduodenal flexure, normal, barium then meto..

107. angiography of abdominal arteries, stenosis of right common iliac artery, hypertrophy of lumbar artery, stenosis left renal artery,

108. angiography, horse shoe kidney, gravid tumor, aneuryms,

109. lower leg, main artery not visible, only collateral arteries, dorsal peroneal, plantar artery,

11. mri angiography

110. filling og supramesenteric vein and portal vein, contrast into supramesenteric artery

111. normal, sameas 110

112. plain chest x-ray, enlarged heart, cardithoracic index=PA projection 0.8, mediastinum shifted due to ratation, inspiratory position, symmetry of the picture (look at the spinal processes and clavicle), exposure, aneurysm of aorta, trachea is shifted and compress, lung parenchyma normal, fluid in right lower lung

113. pulmonary angiography, pulmonary embolism, no emboli, increase diameter of PA

114. aneurysm of both common iliac arteries

115. x-ray of hand, names of carpal bones!

116. lateral x-ray of thorax, air below diaphgram(silhouette sign), basic of sillhouette sign we can see the borders of different density structure, elevated diaphygram,

117. rheumatic arthritis, x-ray, AP, lateral deviation of bones, erosion of head of metatarsal bones,

118. x-ray, medial calcinosis,

119. elevation of left diaphgram, x-ray

12. mri angiography, dilation of right common, stenosis of left common iliac, ectasia

120. x-ray, cervical, lateral projection, normal

121. lateral, lumbar, osteoporosis, osteoblastic changes, metastasis of carcinoma,

122. pulmonary hypertension 3rd grade, butterfly wing, edema

123. lateral spine, ankylosis, inflammation

124. AP, multiple foci, TB, sarcoidosis, silicosis, metastasis is correct

125. arthrodisis, kness joint, external fixator,

126. lateral x-ray, round mass, calcified hemangioma or osteoma, cannot see from lateral, only AP

127. atelectasis, right upper bronchus

128. calcification of aorta, osteoporosis, compressed L1, fracture

129. breast, if there is pneumonia, there is no border of diaphragm, right diaphragm elevated

13. bone semen powder, vertebraplasty, osteoporotic fracture to release pain

130. x-ray of scull, semi axial projection, sinuses, normal

131. let hand, AP, rheumatoic arthrisis, luxation, erosion,

132. hydrothorax, mediastinal shift to the right, hyrothorax, right lung normal,

133. granulomatosis, wegners

134. collapse lung, pneumothorax,

135. normal lung, pulmonary artery seen as dense mass

136. mediastinal expansion, benign, thymoma,

137. interstitial fibrosis of lung, increase bronchovascular pattern, honey comb appearance,

138. enlarged heart, 1st degree of P. hypertension

139. ankylosis, calcified,

14. MRCP, mri, normal bile system

140. pleural infusion of right lung, atelectasis,

141. emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, narrowing vessel to the periphery

142. arterial bronci index=1.2, bronchoectasis, dilation of PA

143. decrease vascular on right, pulmonary embolism in right upper lobe

144. normal lumbaar AP

145. lymphadenopathy, sarcoidosis,

146. maxilary sinusitis, semi axial projection, sphenoid sinus invisible

147. calcification of femoral arteries, decrease joint space, coxathrosis, subchondralsclerosis, osteophies

148. pulmonary cancer

149. primary tumors, both lungs,

15. abdominal x-ray, gas in bowels, enlarged stomach, mechanical ileus,

150. coxathrosis both side, more in left,

151. triangular segments infarction, cone shape

152. pneumothorax in visceral pleura, right upper,

153. pacemaker, enlarged heart, interstitial edema of lung, multiple lines in lung indicate interstitial edema, calibi lines, bronchial cuff

154. gonarthrosis, chondroossification,

155. scoliosis, deformities of thorax, osteolysis in 7th rib,

156. AP, pneumonia of left lung, enlarged heart, hypertension, redistribution of arteries

157. small carcinoma of lung,

158. carcinoma

16. brain, native ct, bleeding, right fronto-parietal, shift to the left, herniation, edema of right hemisphere, right ventricle comressed, left ventricle dilated, foramen monroe dilated,

160. lateral chest, small carcinoma in lung,

161. enlarged pulmonary hilum, narrowinng to periphery, sign of hypertension

162. pneumonectomy, elevated left diaphragm, heart is hidden, stomach elevated, hyperinflated right lung,

163. mechanical ileus, bowel dilation,

164. flat diaphragm on left, dextrocardia,

165. metastatic carcinoma, multiple, coin lesion, central venous catheter

17. angiography of vein, normal, valves in dilated area

18. contrast ct, arterial cerebral arteries(white mass), vasogenic edema(tumor&inflammation), rim sign(abscess, central necrosis, glioblastoma, metastatic tumors),

19. contast, esophagus, air bubble, normal

2. scull, fracture of frontal bone

20. bladder carcinoma, urethrocystography

21. subclavian vein, phlebography, cephalic vein->subclavian vein->brachiocephalic vein

22. phlebography, embolised varices, tips,

23. cycstolithiasis,

24. US, hemangioma of liver,

25. cystolithiasis, iv cystography

26. right iinternal carotid artery, anterior cerebral, mid cerebral,

27. cerebral hematoma, native ct,

28. cystography, grade 4-5, reflux

29. ct of thorax, lung window, hemothorax

3. right tibia, osteomyelitis, chronic due to osteoblastic changes, acute inflammation,

30. epiglottic varicules,

31. larrish syndrome, occlusion of distal aorta and iliac artery, gluteal claudication, impotent, inferior mesenteric is seen served for lower limb

32. normal kidney

33. native ct of brain, subarachnoid hemorrhage

34. mediocervical fracture , head of femur

35. native bonny window, metastasis

36. portal hypertension

37. bronchial arteries, angiography, lung cancer, embolised artery to destroy tumor

38. carcinoma grows to renal vein IVC

39. ct pulmonary angiography, normal

4. cholangiography, dilation of bile duct (common hepatic), stones,

40. intracerebral hematoma, subarachnoid bleeding, shifted to the right, herniation, native ct, calcification of epiphysis

41. retropharyngeal space, abscess, can cause mediastinitis

42. polyposis,

43. single contrast, ulcer, stomach, in pylorus,

44. ct of lumbar spine, spinal cord in mri, ct cannot see spinal cord+dura-we called it spinal sac, tissue window, herniated disc, hypertrophis ligamentum flavum,

45. double contrast, large bowel enema, ulcerative colitis,

46. circle of willis, mri angiography, aneurysm ,

47. chlangiography, t-drain, normal

48. ct of liver, contrast, HCC


5. multiple osteolytic, MS

50. hypertension patient, intraparenchymal bleeding

51. aneurysm in right mid cerebral a

52. abscess subphrenic, intrahepatic abscess

53. double contrast examination of stomach, normal

54. multiple diverticulum,

55. native abdominal ct, huge cyst of renal

56. US of kidney, hyperechoid in parenchymal, angiomyolipoma,

57. simple cyst, renal

58. mrcp, dilation of bile duct, filling defect, stones

59. hyperplasia of liver,

6. tips, thrombosed tips channel

60. lateral x-ray, fracture of distal radius

61. cholelithiasis

62. ct, contrast enhance, peptic ulcer, infiltrated into pancrease,

63. peristaltic diation of esophagus, achalasia

64. hosrse shoe kidney, tumor on the left, renal cell carcinoma

65. air below diaphragm

66. gall blader carcinoma into liver, into anterior abdominal wall

67. osteoblastic region, ct construction,

68. pathologic vascularization, hyper, tumor

69. circular stenosis of rectum due to tumor, urigography

7. occlusion of subrenal aorta, iliac artery

70. metastasis in liver, hypo dense

71. horse shoe kidney, carcinoma left renal, cyst right

72. nephrocalcinosis,

73. below diafragm air, pneumoperitoneum

74. ascending pylografy, dilation of calices, tb,

75. multiple metastasis, T1 mri,

76. angiografy of hand, arterial/venous phase, chondroma but not important

77. T2 mri, hernia L5+S1

78. double ureter

79. T1 inverted mri, cervical cercinoma, small myoma

8. mri angiografy, below knee, stenosis of right post. tibial artery

80. T1 inverted mri, lubbar spine, spondylitis, complete disruption of vertebral disc

81. ascendign pylografy, dilation of calices, tumor, ureterial tumor,

82. normal iv

83. normal abdomina x-ray, psoas mus

84. dilation of calices, iv, obstruction of left ureter

85. varices multiple, esophagus

86. abscess, both sides, ct,

87. stone in ureter

88. calcified mymoma in uterus

89. native ct, gall bladder wall, emphysematou cholecystitis

9. stenosis of internal carotid

90. idichografy, normal

91. native ct, dilation of right renal pelvis

92. 7th cervical vertebra, fraction

93. multiple visceral aneurysm of renal artery, aortic angiografy

94. angiografy of celiac trunk

95. phlebografy of ivc, normal, see confluence of renal vein

96. cirhosis of liver, ascites, splenomegaly, portal hypertension, dilated portal vein

97. normal brain, mri

98. mri angiografy, occlusion of left int. carotid artery,

99. aneurysm of anterior comm. artery ?ofoe6cajwccxs87


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