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pathohys tests

Post  Betty on Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:23 am

Some questions on last year tests

Calcium test
1. Recommended daily intake if Ca is 1g = 1000miligram! NOT 100miligram!!!

2. In bones of mature person, bed rest can decreases Ca

3. A decrease in PH --> ACIDIC; decrease binding of Ca

4. Consequences of HYPOCALCEMIA:
a. increased excitability of peripheral nerves
b. hyperphosphatemia
c. increased PTH

!!! Increased vit. D is a CAUSE, not a CONSEQUENCE!!!

5. Hypercalcemia is related to:
a. enormous intake of milk and intoxication of vit. D
b. nephrocalcinosis

6. Hypocalcemia is related to
a. pancreatitis
b. phytic acid
c. Chvostek's sign

1. water poisoning
2. learn about SiADH
3. what is hypertonic dehydration? its nt in scripta
4. hypernatremia
5. what increases kalemia?
6. metabolic alkalosis

1. Metabolic alkalosis can result from:
+ vomiting
- diarrhoea
+ hypokalemia
- kidney failure

2. Prolonged intensive vomiting can be accompanied by:
+ urine acidification
- increase of blood pH due to adaptation reaction of alkalosis
+ increae of potassium excretion to urine
- decrease of reabsorption

3. Respiratory acidosis can be caused by:
- hyperventilation
+ pneumonia
+ chest injury
+ sleep apnoea

4. Metabolic acidosis:
+ can be caused by the use of carboanhydrase inhibitors [eg. Acetazolamide]
+ can be caused by diarrhoea
- can lead to decrease of free ionised calcium in plasma
+ can be cause by depression of respiratory centre

5. Hypokalemia:
+ can lead to paralytic ileus
- results from hypoaldosteronism
+ occurs at alkalosis
- occurs at 'crush syndrome'

6. Loss of water and solutes in intensive sweating lead to;
+ increased secretion of aldosterone
+ hypertonic dehydration
+ decrease of blood pressure
- increase of intracellular fluid volume due to water shifts between ECF and


7. Primary hyperaldosteronism:
+ leads to metabolic alkalosis
- decreases volume of circulating fluid
+ does not change significantly the ECF osmolarity
- results from kidney hypoperfusion

8. Isotonic dehydration:
- leads to increase of volume of intracellular fluid
- it is caused by sweating
+ causes release of aldosterone
+ causes sympato-adrenal activation

9. SIADH means:
+ rish of oedemas
- insufficiency of supraoptic nucleus
+ syndrome of excessive ADH release
- ADH drop in case of hypernatremia

1.what is thromboasthenin
2.tests used for determination for hemophilia
3.two most frequent hemostasis disorders
4.relationship between hemocoagulation and breathing( its stg to do with hyperventilation causing metabolic alakalosis calcium ions bind to albumin so decreased free ions for clotting, thus causes decreased coagulation--->pls check this)
5.what causes vitamin K deficiency
6.causes of thrombocytopenia which situations are hemostasis increased?

1. Specify an eventual dependence of hemostasis on heart function
- Low cardiac output --> Slow blood movement in periphery --> aids clotting

2. Prothrombin Quick test is used for:
- extrinsic pathway

3. What is basis for von Willebrand disease?
- Missing von Willebrand factor which is carrier protein for factor VIII

4. What is the relationship between pH and hemocoagulation?
- Alkalosis --> increased binding of Ca with albumin --> decreased free Ca; which is needed for coagulation pathway

5. What is the result of Bleeding time [Duke] test in hemophilia?
- Normal

6. Something about vasculopathies
--> exclusively inborn disease [NO]
--> most frequently occur as congenital [NO]
--> passed from mother to son [NO]

7. Something about thromboasthenia

1, regaring duration of hemostasis phases
2,regarding vasculopathies - purpura fulminana,purpura senilis, chronic anaphylatoid purpura
3, regarding thromocytopenia . u must know which one is central and peripheral
4, what are the etiology of DIC

ECG self study - helpful material
Download here: 2jdtd2tyyym

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