Helles notes for final

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Helles notes for final

Post  Betty on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:33 am

Slidetest : mediafire.com zv3tzwrqmno

Helle's notes for final

WinRAR mediafire.com en3mntn5lym
WinZIP mediafire.com 2kgngkj5tmz

Slide notes

WinRAR: mediafire.com dmym2zhyzhn
WinZIP: mediafire.com ovgzioe3gyq
mediafire.com dmz4w2t2zmg

Practical notes
Prac 2 and 3: mediafire.com 0owoifdooym [WinZIP]

Prac 1: mediafire.com 0ngw0jygloc

Prac 2: mediafire.com hkgjimim2zg

Prac 3: mediafire.com yhmjnmjvdqj

Prac 4: mediafire.com ygyi5lqng34
Prac 5: mediafire.com jeklyyyiqtg
Prac 6: mediafire.com tingjnwzduw
Prac 7: mediafire.com ijzuzzlmyx1
Practical no. 8: mediafire.com 4zggmiuxkmk
Practical No. 10: mediafire.com ynmvuymjn0g

01: Cardiovascular system
mediafire.com ghdydjl3rlj

02: Leukemia and Lymphoma
mediafire.com tumoz2n2mjl

03: Respiratory System
mediafire.com mmhodljj2fm

04: Urinary System
mediafire.com mywztkibdyb

05: Gastrointestinal Tract
mediafire.com qnz5kjimgy1

06: Liver
mediafire.com iit1mjzhmg1

07: Genital Tract
mediafire.com 4kynzfgkzzu

08: Breast, Pregnancy [Gestation diseases]
mediafire.com jdmoz5nqmdi

09: Nervous System
mediafire.com jhncjrwntmq

10: Neuroendocrine System, Skin
mediafire.com ti2xzt2qgjw


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