Internal Medicine 'Multiple Choose' test

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Internal Medicine 'Multiple Choose' test

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:38 am

Please put in a few minutes' effort and copy down the questions from your test when you're done as well. Smile

From Agent Susanna:

1. splitting of 1st or 2nd heart sound
2. Origin of 1st or 2nd heart sound
3. Murphy's sign
4. when is the heart sound decreased
5. something about bronchiectasis
6. lung borders
7. Adson's maneuver
8. Thomayer'spercussion border
9. The temp. and characteristics of the fever in Hodkins disease(he didnt mean Pel Ebsten, this was not an alternative)
10. Roger's disease
11. about jaundice
12. lever of reduced hemoglobin in cyanosis
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Surprised


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thanks to Claire :)

Post  Betty on Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:26 pm

1. for the roger's disease: rmb it's "uncomplicated" ventricular septal defect
2. Schobert's test
3. duodenal ulcer
4. virchow's gland
5. Ratschow's test

..Others are almost same as the past paper, so the hard part is that the options are very detailed...
6. hodgkin's disease
7. prolonged expiration
8. lung consolidation
9. juandice
10. reduced hemoglobin number ...
11. myocardial infarction
12. thomayer's percussion border
13. lung border
14. characteristics of pneumonia
15. Adson's manuvor
16. dehydration ...symptoms
17. Murphy's sign
18. 2nd heart sound
19. Splitted 2nd heart sound
20. Decreased heart sound in case of ....


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Post  Betty on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:44 am

ppl, please try to remember the questions you have got!!!
He "unnecessarily" prepared Ver.B for us today...
We got to help out each other...coz he wont ask much during the practical part, instead he really looks at your result from the written test...

Especially those who are aiming for 1, please study well...
Unfortunately, he is not that lazy guy, he made a lot of new questions... unnecessarily hardworking this

Questions that i remember....

*the options are not the correct ones...i just remembered them, so just putting them down here so you can familiarize with the questions and the options Smile So, please CHECK THE ANSWERS!!!!

Hemophiliac ruptures occur in which joint
a. knee
b. wrist
c. ankle
d. hip

Hunter's glossitis is caused by
Iron deficiency
Pb poisoning
B12 deficiency

Stibor's maneuver measures distention
between lumber and thoracic vertebrae
only thoracic
between thoraic and cervical
between lumber to cervical

Barrel chest
the diaphragm is in expiration position
spine is in kyphosis position
expirate longer

Sings of Miocardial infarction
temp higher than 38
sharp pain behind the sternum
coughing blood

which one is not true about angina pectraris
the pain is sharp
nitroglycerin does not help

Somatic pain is

The lower border of the lungs at the scapular line is located
at 10th rib
at 10th intercostal space
at 11th rib

The definition of amphonic breathing is

The increased rate of breathing is

Friction rub sound of pleura can hear
in pneumothorax
in pneumonia

In astoma patient, u can hear

Lymphoma is
painless and....

Bakers cyst is imitating

Slpenomegaly is found in
Gaucher disease

Which test is not done for DVT
Homans sign
Plantar sign
and the other two opitions were not Loewenbergs sign

What is palpitation
learn the definition!

what can you find in liver deficiency
non - conjugated bilirubin
non + conjugated bilirubin
only congucated bilirubin

What is not true (or it was maybe true...i dont remember which) for macroglossia?

What happens after thrombus of portal vein
(these options are not quite sure..but i just jot down here in case if u wanna know...)
prehepatic hypertension
posthepatic hypertension

Something about pulsus alternans
chronic myocardial dysfunction

Tricuspidal insufficiency cause
systolic venous pulsation into jugular vein
systolic pulsation of liver

Pressure inside pleural cavity
positive 0.4-0.7 kPa
negative 0.4-0.7 kPa

Costoclavicular syndrome is compression
between clavicle and 1st rib
between clavicle and .....

Mitral stenosis (or insufficiency?? not sure...) leads to
accentuated 1HS (or 2HS? i dont remember)
pulmonary hypertension
pulmonary conjugation

by the way, he is really really nice during the practical part.
Dont stress your self too much for it!!

Good luck!!


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27th Jan

Post  hafizati on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:05 pm

These are very much similar with Claire's version, but we have added some more optional answers.
1.What is the symptom of dehydration
- Coated tongue
- xerostomia

2 . Weakening of 1st heart sound happens in
- Acute myocardial infarction
- Consequence of rheumatic fever

3.What is characteristic of fever due to Hodgkin lymphoma?
- All day
- Subfebrile
- Drop in the morning
- Continous 38-39
4.Which is not related to claudicatory pain?
- spasm of leg muscle
- During walking
- it occurs during rest
- accompany with chest pain

5. Fixed splitting of 2nd heart sound
- atrial septal defect (correct aswer)
- distance between component increase in inspiration and decrease in expiration
-distance between component decrease in inspiration and decrese in expiration
- right bundle branch block
6. Roger’s disease
- uncomplicated ventricular septal defect (correct answer)
- uncomplicated atrial septal defect
-complicated ventricular septal defect
7. Friction rub heard in
-pleuritis (correct answer)
8. Cyanosis – level of reduced Hemoglobin at least
-50 (correct answer)
9. inferior lung border in parasternal line
- 6th rib (correct answer)
-6th ICS
- 8th rib
10. Apnea occurs in
- cheyne stokes periodic respiration (correct answer)
-sighing respiration
11. jaundice due tu haemolytic anemia, increase in
- conjugated bilirubin
- unconjugated bilirubin (correct answer)
- both
12. Murphy sign
-acute cholecystitis
- acute pancreatitis
13. Paralytic ileus- auscultation
- silent (correct answer)
-scratching sound
14. Hemoptysis occurs in
- pulmornary embolism (not sure this one correct or not because this can cause pulmonary infarction)
-lung cancer

15.duodenal ulcer-pain
- 2hours after meal
- After meal
16.Thomayer/percussion distribution
- upper border of percussion left higher than right
-upper birder of percussion right higher than left
- percussion border at the same level left and right
17.Schober’s distant test
-unfolding or lumbar
-unfolding of thoracic
-unfolding of cervical
18. Ratschow test-in third phase, return of normal colour on the instep occur in
-5 second (we answer this, but this aswer is wrong)
-15 second
-10 second
19.Adson’ maneuver
-scalenus syndrome
-upper thoracic outlet syndrom

-costovertebral syndrome (this one is totally wrong)
- thrombosis of subclavian artery (this one not sure and we forgot to check the answer last time)
20. Virchow gland
- cancer of pancreas
-cancer of stomach
-cancer of breast
21. In pleural effusion, we can hear
- Decrease bronchophony
- Flat percussion
- Hyperresonant
22. Barrel chest
- the diaphragm is in expiration position
- spine is in kyphosis position
- expirate longer

23. Sings of Myocardial infarction
- Pain
- Coughing blood
- Back pain

24. Bakers cyst cause
- phlebitis

25. Which is lung consolidation
- Pneumonia
- Pulmonary infarction
- Atelectasis

- Bronchitis
26. What produce 2nd heart sound
- Vibration and closure of atrial n pulmonary valve.
- Vibration and closure of atrial anad mitral valve.
27. Eisenmenger’s syndrome
- large ventricular septal defect
- Pulmonary hypertension

- left ventricular failure
- Opening of ductus arteriosus


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Re: Internal Medicine 'Multiple Choose' test

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