Physiology Preoral test

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Physiology Preoral test

Post  Betty on Wed May 05, 2010 12:11 pm

When u finish ur preoral or finals, please post the questions u have got!!!
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plus some questions

Hemophilia A ,
-is caused by a deficiency of active clotting factor VIII
Hemoglobin F differ from HB A
- binds oxygen with less affinity than adult Hb
- binds greter
- binds 2,3DPG less than adult
- binds more

1. The function of ossicular bones..
2. What shifts the oxygen dissociation curve to the right?
3. Chymosin is also known for rennin and is for milk digestion.
4. Non specific immunity is macrophages and phagocytes..
5. Red colour blind is...
6. Glucose 6 phospatase converts glu6phospate to glucose
7. Atrial depolarization is reduced by the parasympathetic innervation.
8. Residual volume(can it be measured by spirometer, the volume is 1400 ml??)
9. Vital centres for cardiovascular n respiratory is medula oblongata.,
10.Effects of insulin
11.Excitatory stimulus(EPSP)


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