General Guidelines/Important Info

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General Guidelines/Important Info

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:11 am

We have set up this forum so that the whole of the first can share materials with each other. This forum is secret and you must be authorised by admin before you can join, for obvious reasons.

The second year have set up a similar forum and it has been very successful as I understand it...but they have only done it by helping each other!

This really is a 'help me to help you' situation...if you have any helpful notes/past papers/microtests etc then post them, don't keep them to yourselves! The whole idea of this forum is that we are all in it to help each other, because as most of us have seen, the workload is pretty horrific and we can definitely help each other by coordinating stuff on here.

If you have useful files which are too big in size to upload, then bring in a flash disk and share it around with others. We can easily copy it straight onto our laptops (for those who have them at lectures) or copy them onto the computers in college and then onto our own flash disks. Notes can be easily photocopied although taking photos of relevant pages with digi cam/mobile phone is the quickest way to get the job done. Highly recommend bringing in flash disk and camera if you have them. We must all take initiative and help each other.

Also, any time you create a new thread, please start it with the subject you are interested in...will help when people are searching the forum in future.

eg Histology - Need Slides 104-110

Please invite all first years, as everybody in our year should be on this forum. Please also pass on the message that usernames should be your actual names, not nicknames. Any suggestions/questions etc then drop me an email/MSN bobbymugabe at

Finally, hopefully we'll have a lot of useful material on this forum...obviously some of it will be 'moonshine', eg microtests...if you print this sort of stuff out, don't go around flaunting it around teachers!

Thanks and hope you enjoy!



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